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I have known Mike since we entered primary school at St. Patricks Elementary in 1975. By some strange twist of fate we were never in the same classroom together through the entire 7 years of elementary (there were two groups in each grade at that time). Jason Siska had the fortune to share the same classroom all seven years, perhaps he will provide his thoughts here soon.

Nevertheless, "Mini Mike", as we called him then was a good friend throughout our primary formative years. I can remember fondly various events with Mike: floor and street hockey at school, model rocket launching (and retrieving!) at Windsor Park or Margaret Jenkins schoolyard. I remember spending those early years when his father was still alive and the "old house" on Foul Bay Road. We spent much time as well down at Firemans' Park playing Little League Baseball (again, never having the fortune to play on the same team, but we spend much time at the park in those days).

In short, fondly I remember my years of childhood and I am sure Mike enjoyed them at least as much as I.

It was late in High School that Mike and I really started spending more time together. Mike may not have been a top of the class student, but he was one of the most analytical and critical thinkers that I knew. He was always the person I turned to when I needed honest advice from a good friend.

The friendship we had was one of the strongest I have known. Even though we did not communicate so much after he left to work at Excite, we still had a special bond and when we did get the chance to talk it was an intense sharing between close friends. Long distance relationships (with my being in Mexico) are hard to hold, but we always will remain friends.

My heart broke when I heard the news of Mike's passing. I went through a myriad of emotions as I am sure others did. How could i have prevented this? I was well aware of Mike's condition from previous experience when we both lived in Victoria. I have other friends with similar conditions. Perhaps I could have made a bigger difference or affect what future we now live in. Perhaps, but we will never know. We can only treasure the memories we are left with.

Mike was my best friend. I loved him dearly and I miss him. I wish he could have been here to meet my wife (Aurelia, December 2000) or know my first daughter (Alejandra, Feb. 27, 2002).

Rest in peace Mike. I miss you and think of you often.

Ken Bauer
Mike's friend

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